What is Smart Rehabilitation?

Smart rehabilitation is a niche segment in the Healthcare segment. The aim is to improve the quality of the recovery of patients through technology. For example, if a patient experiences a severe foot fracture, they need to go to physical therapy for weeks or months. For some athletes, this might mean the end of a season or potentially career. Conclusively, FootSense is trying to help athletes recover better, faster and avoid injuries in the first place through data.

Why do we need smart rehabilitation?

We work with physical therapists that love to integrate data-driven decisions in their practices. Instead of basing the recovery schedule on the patient's subjective measurement of pain, "How much pain do you experience out of 10?", FootSense provides the physical therapists with an overview and dashboards of the patient's recovery journey.

What does a smart rehabilitation platform offer?

If the patient claims they "barely put any pressure on their foot", we know that it is hard to judge what that means. With FootSense's platform you can see how often the patient passed the assigned pressure threshold and whether they were in a "danger zone" through visualized data. We bridge between the patient's subjective judgement and your translation of that through data and a user-friendly platform.

What are the products that I need to integrate smart rehabilitation in my sessions?

All you need is the FootSense product, a smart foot sole that the patient wears, and the subscription to our platform. We take care of everything else for you.

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