Keep An Eye Out For These Hot Trends In Rehabilitation

The Patient Will Always Be The King

Current innovative products for the physical therapy space circle around empowering and informing the patient in their treatment and own care. Especially in short-term rehab, the focus on the patient has shifted to the center of attention of everyone involved in the process. For example, one key challenge in patient-centered care is the coordination with clinicians, family members or caretakers that has to occur effectively and efficiently. Current products aim to provide a solution for the best possible outcome for the patient in the shortest time period. Consequently, a major trend in patient-centered care is to reduce the recovery time while at the same time improving the recovery quality for the patient.

Employment In The Future

Pheeew, thankfully physical therapy counts as one of the top jobs in the industry according to the US World & News Report. This means that your job is not in danger but rather continuously growing and expanding as we will be expecting 24% growth of occupational therapy jobs in the next five years.

The Potential Of Technology

For all you tech freaks out there, good news - technology is expected to open up entire new markets, e.g. exoskeleton solutions in rehabilitation robotics or disrupt older markets, e.g. the preventive rehabilitation market through data analytics. Thus, technology will continue to change the industry standards and current practices in physical therapy. Heather Cappel, a doctor at Orlando's Medical Center, suggests that current products cannot replace the need for physical therapy but there will be significantly more products that can aid in the process of rehabilitation. The challenge of bringing innovative technologies to the patient lies within educating the stakeholders of physical therapy about the products and the potential of certain technology applications. Collaboration is extremely important to help the patient recover more effectively and efficiently.

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