Improving Recovery for Foot & Leg Injuries

We design and manufacture smart orthopedic boots that provide patients with instant feedback


Our Products

Smart Orthopedic Boot + Digital Platform


The Smart Orthopedic Boot

In-House Design and Manufacturing

Advanced pressure technologies are integrated in the classic orthopedic boot - innovating its traditional functionality. Through sensors and processors we are able to collect data that is transmitted to the cloud and viewable by both doctors and patients. Our instant feedback feature on the side of the boot allows the patient to alter their walking behavior in real time, thereby ensuring optimal compliance with the doctor's instructions.

The Digital Platform

Access The Dashboard To Keep Track Of Your Patient's Recovery

The dashboards allow you to attain insights in your patients' recovery. For example: 
Have they stayed within your instructed threshold in the past week?
Have the applied enough pressure?
Make use of the messaging feature to let them know instantly.

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